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Our areas of experience 
  • Communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Hepatitis)  

  • Non-communicable diseases (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mental health including drugs and addictions, road safety) 

  • Maternal, Infant, Child and Adolescent Health 

  • Sexual and reproductive health 

  • Health security (response to epidemics, One-Health platform, infection prevention and control, hygiene, fight against microbial resistance to antibiotics, disaster response) 

  • The drug and the laboratory 

  • Financing the health system and universal health coverage 

  • Health Promotion and Health Communication

  • Environmental health 

ICI-Santé provides technical support to states, ministries of health, national AIDS councils, international institutions, bilateral cooperation, local authorities, non-governmental and civil society organizations in the design, implementation, and evaluation of health programs aimed at providing sustainable solutions to the continent's main health challenges. 

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