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Management of the UNAIDS Technical Support Facility 




March 2014 -

March 2018

Project Title: Management of the Technical Support Facility  

Beneficiaries: Initially, the scheme covered the 25 WCA countries (CCM, NAC/CNLS, Ministry of Health, NGOs, CBOs, etc.) and was later extended to East and Southern Africa.  

Project Summary: Provision of Technical Support & Assistance for

i) Strategic Planning for HIV/AIDS Response at national and regional levels;

ii) Access to HIV TB/HIV and RSSH Global Fund grants;

iii) Remove bottlenecks and improve Grant implementation;

iv) capacity building at national & regional levels;

v) technical support for the achievement of the 90-90-90 objectives.  


Results Achieved: 

  • More than 10,000 man-days of TA missions conducted in 25 WCA and 20 ESA countries.  

  • ICI-Santé has acquired a solid experience in managing a technical support platform working in the whole continent on a wide range of issues in the fight against priority diseases and health system strengthening. 


Project to improve medical care of road accidents victims in Burkina Faso  





2019 - 2021

Project title: Project to improve the medical care of victims of road accidents in Burkina Faso 


Partners: Expertise France/Burkina, Humanity & Inclusion (HI), IRD

Beneficiaries: MoH, all stakeholders of medical care of road accidents victims in Burkina Faso 

Results Achieved :  

  • Situational analysis of Emergency Medical Care of road accident victims in Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso 

  • Elaboration of a strategy to improve EMC for road accident victims   

  • Acquisition of a in-depth knowledge in the provision of emergency medical services in Burkina Faso and developing countries 


Tackling Deadly Diseases in Africa Programme




April 2019 -

March 2022

Project Title: Tackling Deadly Diseases in Africa Programme  


Partners: DAI Global Health / Fondation Mérieux, Centre Pasteur du Cameroon and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine  


Country/Region: Cameroon, Chad, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali,  Niger & Uganda.

Project Summary: TDDAP aims to save lives and reduce the impact of disease outbreaks and epidemics. The program addresses weak public health services, surveillance, cross-border coordination, communication, behaviours and infrastructure affecting the spread of disease. By strengthening health systems and institutions, including WHO AFRO, to deliver better health security, and improve disease preparedness and response. The DAI-led TDDAP Project will support country leadership and accountability for integrated health security planning using infectious diseases as an entry point for improved adherence to International Health Regulation standards. 


Results Achieved:  

  • Acquisition of an extensive experience in providing technical support to strengthen health systems to better cope with common diseases and reduce the risk of epidemic outbreaks. 


Technical Support to the Global Fund recipients for HIV, TB, Malaria, & RSSH Grants Implementation


Fonds Mondial


August 2015 - to date

Project Title: Technical Support to The Global Fund Recipients for HIV, TB, Malaria & RSSH Grants Implementation   


Customers: ALCO Benin, CNLS Bissau Guinea, CNLS Burkina Faso, IPC Burkina Faso, MoH Cameroon, CAMNAFAW Cameroon, CCM Central African Republic, FOSAP Chad, CNLS Guinea, PSI Guinea, Plan International Guinea, SENLS Mauritania, CISLS Niger, PMU/Primature Togo; Lagos State Ministry of Health, HCNLS/Mali 

Project Summary: Provision of Technical Support & Assistance to The Global Fund Recipients to remove bottlenecks and accelerate Grant implementation at country or regional level.

Results Achieved :   

  • More than 10,000 TS for 16 Principal Recipients of the Global Fund   

  • Acquisition by ICI-Santé of a large experience in technical support to the PBS of the FM in the strengthening of their capacities for a better implementation of the grants. 


Research Demography and Sexual & Reproductive Health (DEMSAN) Project Research Operator 




2018 –to date

Project Title: Demography and Sexual and Reproductive Health (DEMSAN) Project Research Operator  

Beneficiaries: Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger through West African Health Organisation (WAHO) 

Project Summary: Support to WAHO in the implementation of the research component of the DEMSAN Project, which aims at carrying out research to improve the demand for and use of SRH (Sexual and Reproductive Health) and family planning services in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. ICI-Santé acts as a research operator: preparation and launch of the call for tender for researchers, project selection, monitoring of project implementation, support to research teams, etc.  

Results Achieved : 

  • Preparation of a briefing note on the state of knowledge on SRH,   

  • Formulation of potential global research issues  

  • Validation of six SRH research projects  

  • Implementation of ongoing projects  

  • Country monographs in progress for Niger and Mali 


Provision of Technical Assistance to tackle Priority Diseases in Africa


Expertise France/

Initiative 5%


2014 – present

Project Title: Provision of Technical Assistance to tackle Priority Diseases in Africa 


Beneficiaries: CCM,  NAS, CNLS, NGO/CBOs, Ministries of Health, Regional Organizations, Governmental Institutions 

Project Summary: Provision of Technical Support & Assistance for

i) Strategic Planning for Response to Priority Diseases at national and regional levels;

ii) Access to Global Fund grants;

iii) Remove bottlenecks and improve Grant implementation;

iv) Capacity building at national & regional levels, etc. 

Results Achieved :   

  • Geographical coverage of more than 20 countries in the West, Central and East Africa, as well as North-Africa regions.  

  • Acquisition of a solid experience of Technical Assistance in HIV, TB, Malaria & RSSH issues and of working with Initiative 5% / Expertise France 

  • Strengthening access to Global Fund grants for HIV and TB and HIV, (ii) grant implementation, (iii) regional and broader capacity building, and (iv) support for the achievement of the 90-90-90 targets. 

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